RARA-AVIS: The Deadly Percheron and In A Vain Shadow

From: Randy Krbechek (randyk@psnw.com)
Date: 16 Jul 2010

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    Friends -

    1. I recently read "The Deadly Percheron" by John Franklin Bardin
    (1947). Which I kept thinking was going to be an "unreliable narrator" story. Interesting amnesia/Carnie/crime caper.

    Percheron was republished by Millipede, they are also bringing out one of the Thompsons ("Child of Rage").

    2. Also, just finished "In A Vain Shadow" by James Hadley Chase
    (1951). Good turn on the "lured by femme fatale" theme. Pretty much of a page turner.

    3. I saw the new film version of "Killer Inside Me." Yep, the violence is pretty graphic, still, I thought it was faithful to the feel of the novel.

    Bye. Randy Krbechek Fresno, CA


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