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    The QT movie was good enough to be even more disappointing, as it fell so short of the Modesty we totally missing Willie Garvin. Should have been more than it was and Modesty was depressingly passive for most of the show. The imitation Modesty "Black Widow" is given better treatment in a current movie and Modesty's contemporary peer Emma Peel is as close to the real Modesty Blaise as can be imagined.

    As I first knew O'Donnell as a comics scripter, I was initially surprised by what a deft prose craftsman he turned out to be. Lee Falk had that ability as well but I can't think of too many other guys ( maybe Harry Harrison or Otto Binder. And certainly Jules Feiffer) who excelled in both mediums.


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      A few years ago Tarantino did produce a Modesty Blaise movie, "My Name Is
      Modesty." The DVD is available from various sources. While much closer to
      the strip, it could have used more of T's story-telling expertise. Not to
      mention directorial flourish. It stars an actress named Alexandra Staden
      who's OK. Plot involves a gang of brutal thieves trying to take over a
      casino owned by Modesty's mentor. It's been a while since I saw it, but I
      don't recall Willie Garvin being in it. At least not in a memorable way,
      obviously. According to my notes, Scott Spiegel directed. There was also an
      American TV pilot that was shown on ABC many, many years ago, starring Ann
      Turkel. I've been unable to find a copy, but I remember thinking at the time
      that it was a much less fey sequel to the movie. No heroic Arabian cowboys.
      No goldfish cocktails. (Though I have to admit a mild amusement at Dirk
      Bogarde's goofy final line after his defeat. "Mother . . . Champagne,


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