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From: Anthony Dauer (
Date: 04 May 2010

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    Naw, I stick by it. Your argument doesn't hold up. If I purchase new parts, they're NEW parts. They still do not receive any money from the resale of the car. If I could purchase a new paper cover from the publisher to replace the old one on the used hardcover book I purchased or a page or some other PART of the book, then there would at least be a correlation, but the book publisher and the author are still not receiving additional money unless they are actually the ones reselling the used copy.

    I prefer new books myself. I only purchase used books if there is no longer a new one to buy. I like that new book smell. Could care less where its been.

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    > not good analogies since when you buy a used car the manufacturer could very well get additional revenue if you later buy parts from the manufacturer to fix your car. The restaurant would probably be buying from a food wholesaler, but regardless of where they buy the food from, the food is being bought to sell to an end user. Now if the restaurant staff ate the food, regurgitated it, and resold it after that, your analogy would hold.
    > As a kid I used to buy a lot of used books, now as I've gotten older I'd just as soon buy books that I know haven't been taken into bathrooms, etc.

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