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From: sonny (sforstater@yahoo.com)
Date: 19 Mar 2010

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    i don't remember seeing my post below come through to the list. if it did, i apologize for this repetition.

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    'fast one' by paul cain - at first i was so confused by the plot and characters, i wasn't sure i was gonna get through it or like it, but i'm glad i kept going cos it either calmed down or i did and i enjoyed it. i will probably try 'seven slayers' at some point.

    'here comes a candle' by fredric brown - with this one, i was afraid the multiple styles of writing in between the 'straight' story (radio transcript, screenplay, sportscast, video transcript, play) would take away from my enjoyment, but i found that it worked well and added to the book. i had only read stories by brown before. first novel and i was impressed.

    'the way we die' by chas. willeford - liked it a lot. have read the previous 3 hokes. now the question is if and when i'll get to read 'grimhaven'. either way i still have plenty of willeford to read.

    i bought a used copy of
     brown's 'madball' to read next, since i couldn't find it in the library. but overall my new library system (hennepin county, mn) is excellent and between it and inter-library loan, i'm very happy with what i've been able to find. all 3 above recent reads were from library.

    i cannot afford even used books these days. of course a lot of the used ones are expensive since a so many of the books i'm looking for are out of print.

    i wish i could buy new books like i used to, both because i love books and to support the authors and publishers/stores (especially small/independents) , but unfortunately for everyone involved, i can't and must limit my book buying to books that i cannot read any other way in the foreseeable future, like 'madball'. and even those i'll have to limit. not that there aren't tons of books i still want to read that are available from the library, or will be in case of some new ones.


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