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    Thompson's endings are often the strongest elements in his stories... and also what makes them noir. THE CRIMINAL has an ending that makes one think about the big picture of the crime. WILD TOWN is also a great ending. While BAD BOY's ending is very strange and shows how stuck these people are.

    Jim Thompson is clearly the best.

    Patrick King

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          I have to chip in with a shout out to the conclusion of After Dark My Sweet, which left me stunned, moved and unable to get to sleep for a while.


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    The ending of The Getaway seems to be one of those love 'em or hate 'em deals, personally I loved it--it's one of my favorite book endings next to Joseph Heller's 'Something Happened' and 'Double Indemnity'.

    I agree with John, Savage Night is terrific, and a hell of an ending. 'Hell of a Woman' also. 'Swell-Looking Babe' is also a must read.


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    > If you like the surrealistic tendencies of Thompson, check out Savage Night. Talk about an ending!


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    > > wow.� there i was, having read up to the last chapter and last night i began it. all of a sudden i'm reading borges!� i'm wondering if i'm really tired or is this really a big change, especially first 4 pages, before anyone (doc) is even mentioned again.

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    > > apparently this is not that outrageous for thompson (i've only read 'killer inside me' and 'pop 1280').� the whole book was good, but what an ending.� which thompson should i read next?

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