RARA-AVIS: Re: A Complete List of Gold Medal Paperbacks from 1949-1968

From: Duane Spurlock (duane1spur@yahoo.com)
Date: 25 Jan 2010

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     "David Rachels" RachelsDA@comcast.net rachelsda wrote:

    << A random question, prompted by Jeff's awesome list:  Does anyone know  what the symbols on the spines of some GM paperbacks mean?  (They are  near the top, underneath the catalog number.)  Looking at the shelf  in front of me, for example, I see a red heart on #380, a black X on 
    #409, a black box on #448, a black hourglass on #522, a black circle  on #500, a green club on #224, etc. etc., but the majority of them do  not have these markings.
      Idle wondering here: might be connected to identifying a reprinting, or perhaps a distribution method or locality?
    - Duane www.pulprack.com


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