Re: RARA-AVIS: Go Home, Stranger (Williams)

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Date: 05 Jan 2010

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    > Yessir, that's a taut piece of work.
    > The only faster-reading Williams I know is Man on the Run, which was so gripping I read it in a sitting and snarled at anyone who bothered me until it was done.
    > You and your box of Gold Medals.  What else lurks in there?
    > John   

    Ha... I have a bunch of Lionel Whites to read, but I pass them up, don't know why. Also piles of John D., lots of obscure novels with girls on the cover... Actually, it's not one box, it's four or five. I figure I should go through the material, since I've collected and kept them. I find lots of them that I either never read or have no recollection of. Even a couple of Prathers seem new, and I thought I had read all his stuff.



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