RE: RARA-AVIS: possibly the biggest publishing story of the year

From: Ron Clinton (
Date: 17 Dec 2009

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    > I don't the Covey thing means a whole lot at all, other than to serve the
    > must/will die" credo. The reason why is that Covey writes business
    books. His
    > primary demo is businessmen who also happen to be big readers but often
    > book people. In other words, they may read voraciously but once read,
    the books
    > are clutter that need to be moved out of the house. An eBook reader fits
    > perfectly with this way of thinking which is why, I believe, this is such
    a good
    > It tells me whoever put together this deal understands this stuff.
    > In short, the Covey deal hits his sweetspot of readership right where
    they want it
    > be. At this point in time, I don't see any way this has any carryover
    effect on
    > genres, nor why it should.
     I've often wondered the same thing: that is, if the e-book tsunami that some people
     are predicting will instead be a small tidal wave that swamps only the business,
     instructional and textbook reader. From my admittedly non-objective perspective, it
     seems like that is for who the Kindle, et al is ideally designed. While clearly there
     will be (and already are) e-inroads made into fiction as well, I do wonder if there will
     ultimately be a significant split between fiction and non-fiction, with fiction being
     considerably less affected by the revolution than non-fiction.
     I have nothing to base that on, other than hope and supposition, but it will be
     interesting to see if such a division forms.
     Ron C.

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