Re: RARA-AVIS: Slightly Scarlet and Leave her to Heaven

From: Jeff Vorzimmer (
Date: 31 Oct 2009

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    > Funny, Raymond, I also linked Slightly Scarlet to Leave Her to Heaven. They have much the same synthesis of melodrama and noir, but Heaven is a much better film.
    > Mark

    There's something about both the book and movie, Leave Her to Heaven, that disqualify it as noir and it's not just the fact that the movie was shot in color, mostly outdoors in the daylight. I don't think of the book as noir either. I've been trying to figure why it doesn't feel noir. A book doesn't have to be set in a criminal milieu necessarily, but I think that a domestic melodrama about a family, even if it includes murder, disqualifies it. I know I'm not alone in thinking it's not noir. It's never included in noir filmographies, although it is tagged as such on IMDB.

    Maybe someone can prove me wrong by coming up with an example of a film, or book, that's generally accepted as noir that has a domestic setting.


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