RARA-AVIS: books-film-TV

From: forgprod (frogprod@rcn.com)
Date: 08 Oct 2009

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    > originally i was under the impression that this group was not about movies, but obviously that was incorrect.

    it has always been my understanding that film-TV is fair game as long as it ties in somehow to books and clearly the discussion as to whether or not certain actors are right to play Travis McGee does tie in to books

    ... and speaking of TV - has anyone else been watching HBO's Bored to Death? (based on a novella by Jonathan Ames - hence a book tie-in)

    it's the story of a 30-ish guy who places an ad on Criagslist to be hired as a PI - and his resulting adventures

    pretty much sucks in my opinion and I'm the guy who generally likes contemporary variations on the classic PI story - the main character is not particularly likeable, stories are not very interesting, not much mystery, not particularly noir or hardboiled... and the 3rd episode pretty much completeely dropped the whole PI schtick alltogether... I may give it a couple more viewings before totally giving up on it though, as i do love the concept of some normal schmuck thinking he can be a PI based completely on what he's read in books

    very pretty ccinematography of Brooklyn though

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