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Date: 08 Oct 2009

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    I suppose next you'll tell us Polanski's is not "noir" because he's short and "mild."

    Patrick King

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    To call Jim Carroll¹s life ³noir or harboiled² because he did a buncha

    drugs, hanged around with rockers and wrote a few notable things about

    it¹ a gross, large, misdirected, painful,

    childish.... overstatement. ..

    Even Patti Smith, with whom he hanged around, and a personal humongous

    personal favorite (Œrmember, I live near Detroit since 74...before

    punks¹n¹all), would not be a ³noir character²... she may have dabbled in noir

    iconology (like Carroll) in her poems (wonderful ones...better than her

    songs), songs, life...but she was never and never will be a ³noir

    character²... Just like Jim C.

    They are both wonderful beings, who have contributed much and whose writings

    are worth any personal library, but ³noir characters² themselves, they are


    Hanging around at the bar and/or the drug-pen for years does not Œmake you¹

    noir/hardboiled. ..writing about it, in fact, would take you instantly out of

    the category, since you are Œone step beyond¹ make a musical bad

    pun...but what you write, the characters you develop/write/ depict, might problem with that...

    Keitel in Bad Lieutenant is ³noir²...Keitel in real life is not...and never

    was...actually very mld...

    Jack N in Chinatown (gotta make a Polanski ref. since nobody has, on

    Chiken-Rara. ..???!!!! !), is ³noir n¹ nasty², yet in real life nothing more

    (very conventionnally enough) than a 60¹s druggy/hippie/ playboy

    bunny-macho/ dreamer/hoop fan...who was never Œcapable of anything¹ like Noah

    Cross advocates for the human race in the film itself..

    With this in mind...who would ever again in Rara consider mush-faced LDC for

    a noir character... and why...???

    I tell you what: if some director casts him, and makes him that, gives him

    that patina, then we will all applaud...but until some Œmean fck¹ director

    got into it and got the performance out of it...we just better all shut

    up...because a boy is a is what it is...

    Montois adamant and bored with the subject headline...

    PS: for now on I urge every Rara member to instantly delete anything with

    the heading: ³Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Leonardo DiCaprio IS not yet Travis

    McGee² will make our autumn days better...and the leaves fall more

    gracefully.. .

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    > what role was that? or do you mean him in real life and you don't think he can

    > act?


    > did you see 'basketball diaries'? speaking of which, the author of that, poet

    > jim carroll, died recently. his life was hardboiled. or noir. or something.


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    > No way.

    > I don't "get" 'nardo as anything but a spoiled rich kid.


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    >> >

    >> > DiCaprio has been playing men of action in thrillers lately.  I thought he

    >> > was good in "Body of Lies".  A photo of him in character as the suburban

    >> > husband in "Revolutionary Road" may not be the best way of evaluating the

    >> > suitability of his appearance for the McGee role.  I agree with the comment

    >> > that memories of "Titanic" and "Gangs of New York" may be affecting

    >> people's

    >> > sense of what he can do.

    >> >

    >> > Mind you I only read a few McGee novels, many years ago, and I don't retain

    >> > much of a sense of the character.

    >> >

    >> > Stephen

    >> >

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