RARA-AVIS: Re: "Down these mean streets . . ."

From: prosperena (prosperena@yahoo.com)
Date: 31 Aug 2009

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    Is Chandler in fact the originator of the phrase, which has been adopted
    (and parodied) so widely?
    > Mark Nevins

    For a discussion of the possible sources of Chandler's use of the expression "mean streets," see T.R. Steiner's brief article, "The Origin of Raymond Chandler's 'Mean Streets'" ANQ [American Notes & Queries] 7
    (1994): pp. 225-27.

    I don't think the full article may be viewed for free online but p. 225 may be viewed at www.questia.com (search on Author = Steiner, T R).

    Beyond the use of the two words "mean streets," I think we can assume that "down these mean streets" + the rest of the famous quotation are Chandler's own words.

    Kari E. Johnson

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