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Date: 23 Aug 2009

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    > Laymon and Lansdale are both great examples, are in my mind are probably the
    > two standards for the mystery/horror hybrid, those who excel in both genres.
    > Others that you interest you:
    > * William F. Nolan
    > * David Morrell (though more of a thriller / horror hybrid)
    > * Dan Simmons
    > * F. Paul Wilson
    > * Ed Gorman, though his straight horror output is small (most under penname
    > Daniel Ransom...though many of his short stories straddle both genres)
    > * Robert Bloch
    > Those are the ones who leap instantly to mind...I'm sure there are a bunch
    > more I'll think of as soon as I hit Send.

    The list is indeed huge, even granting that neither horror nor mystery are properly "genres" so much as collections of genres.

    And Morrell has written straightforward horror. Among the others one could easily cite:

    Cornell Woolrich Richard Matheson A. Conan Doyle Ron Goulart Patricia Highsmith Bill Pronzini Barry Malzberg Marcia Muller Some guy named Poe Robert Arthur Sharyn McCrumb Kate Wilhelm Fritz Leiber Manly Wade Wellman Avram Davidson Theodore Sturgeon Bill Crider Jorge Luis Borges William Hope Hodgson Patti/Patricia Abbott Joyce Carol Oates Neal Barrett, Jr.
    --and I'm sure a few more members of this list aside from Ed Gorman and Bill Crider would qualify...

    Todd Mason (who arguably qualifies, himself)

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