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Date: 12 Aug 2009

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    --- In, Nigel Algar <montana@...> wrote:
    > With all the confidence of not owning a single Orion edition, I doubt
    > whether they differ in any way from the American originals, except perhaps
    > in the spelling of such words as 'colour'. There is a presumed familiarity
    > with American usage such as 'gas', 'sidewalk' etc that it would seem very
    > nannyish to adjust the text. As far as bowdlerising (there's an English term
    > for you) the text, those days are long past.
    > So, no tweaking.

    I have many volumes from No Exit which are valuable reprints of American classics, and have never noticed a single instance of "adaptation", a weird practice that should never have started. It's undoubtedly the same language, and it's obvious to anyone that a language consists of many dialects... I did hear that there was an "adapted" American version of the Harry Potter books but never had the English editions to compare. That is a very bad idea.


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