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Date: 01 Aug 2009

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    USA's limited schedule should afford enough time or even better, have one of the cable channels do it instead with a limited season. I wouldn't make it that literally, but Garner could play a grandfather vice a father who raised his grandson after his daughter or son died with their spouse. As a truck driver though, he wasn't home often which leads to the grandson getting in with the wrong crowd and eventual incarceration. Now retired, he fishes and watches over his newly released grandson as he gets back on his feet.

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    > Was discussing the upcoming Rockford Files resurrection with my lovely bride last night over dinner.
    > She suggested that a perfect actor to do the part would be Bruce Campbell. The only problem is that he's already in a hit show over on USA (and one of the few PI-style shows on television anywhere) with BURN NOTICE, and probably won't be available for quite a while.
    > Hey, wonder if Garner could play Rocky? Or is that just too strange?

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