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Date: 29 Jul 2009

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    Thief is excellent and Tuesday Weld...well what else can you say about this sexy pouting icon...basically ignored in the US...sadly enough...

    ...and the quaint and so smaltzy (to todays ears) Tangerine Dream music...and the great Chicago locations...most of them razed since...and a permanent drugged up James Caan...



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    > The film PUBLIC ENEMIES is, in at least one sense, not really a film at all.
    > It
    > was shot in hi-def video, then transferred to film for theatrical release. I'm
    > not really sure of how this is done. Several films have been shot this way,
    > but
    > PUBLIC ENEMIES is the first I've ever seen. It really makes the texture of the
    > images on-screen very different. You can almost count the pores on an actor's
    > complexion, or the stubbles of whisker on his chin. At times the clarity of
    > the
    > image almost drew my attention away from the story.
    > you haven't seen Michael Mann's recent crime thrillers Miami Vice or
    > Collateral?? both were shot in hi-def as well.? I enjoyed Public Enemies so
    > much it prompted me to tivo and re-watch Mann's first foray into the genre-
    > Thief, made in 1982 (I think) starring James Caan and Tuesday Weld.? Dennis
    > Farina has a small part as a thug in the film and if you don't blink you'll
    > also see William Peterson deliver one line with a billy club in his hand in a
    > barroom.? Michael Mann is simply a great crime film director and I've stated
    > many times here that Manhunter, his version of Thomas Harris' Red Dragon has
    > the superior Hannibal Lector portrayal in it
    > John Lau
    > ?eggs have no business dancing with stones

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