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Date: 29 Jul 2009

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    We must be roughly the same age, as the Burroughs/REH books with the Frazetta covers in the mid--to-late-seventies completely captured my 13 year-old imagination. Probably no accident!


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    > > Belatedly weighing in on this topic...
    > I'll chime in late too (but then I usually lurk on this list).
    > > At least one (male) reply to this topic has mentioned the importance of
    > > the cover in deciding whether or not to open a book.
    > For those of us who are Robert E. Howard fans, this is the one thing
    > that gets thrashed out on the REH lists--the ancer paperback series with
    > the Frazetta covers. Looking back on it, I gotta admit, my discovery of
    > Howard and Burroughs occurred while Frazetta and Neal Adams were doing
    > paperback covers. At least with these two artists, they managed to capture
    > the action and adventure in the books with the art. Some of the 1990s ERb
    > covers, ungh--do you really expect somebody to read this stuff with covers
    > like these. (And yes, I got snookered on some titles that had Frazetta
    > and Jeff Jones covers that were at best weak imitations of REH and ERB.)
    > More later, MEH

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