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Date: 23 Jul 2009

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    Very interesting this bit about Faulkner...especially in light of what was the new issue of Le Magazine Littéraire which is a special issue about the polar with all kinds of studies of all the genres, many authors...etc...etc...106 pages of srious crime stuff...and page 44/45 an article by Jean-Baptiste Baronian titled ³Willam Faulkner ­ Polars clandestins² and the smaller title is (in translation) Œcan we consider some books by Faulkner as noir starting with the famous Sactuary? In any case the author was a big fan of crime publications¹...which tries to change the usual view in France that Faulkner was no noir or crime writer.... For those of you who read French this Mag Litt is a must...


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    >> , "James Michael Rogers"
    >>> > > For instance, even though Faulkner got brought up a bunch last week, it
    >>> seems we never talk about Sanctuary even though that has got to have been
    >>> one of the most influential crime novels ever. Without Sanctuary, I don't
    >>> think there ever would have been a Blue Velvet film.
    > This is going back a ways, but Sanctuary was discussed quite a bit when we
    > 1930s fiction was a theme for the month. Here's a link to the post I believe
    > kicked off the discussion:
    > Chris

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