RARA-AVIS: Re: Disappearance of the Private-eye and detective film

From: JIM DOHERTY (jimdohertyjr@yahoo.com)
Date: 20 Mar 2009

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    When Montois said that what he was really interested was not who the actors were who were elected to public office but rather:

    "... what are the institutional elements making this possible..."

    then when on to admit that this was:

    "In a certain way this is off topic so if it is too much (off topic) then let's drop it..."

    You responded by saying

    "Let's... the question is not likely to have an easy answer, and it is totally off-topic."

    I have no objection to dropping the subject, but if you're dropping it only because you do't think the question has an easy answer, what am I here for but to make that which you're all convinced is complicated simple to understand?

    Montois, the reason actors sometimes get elected to public office is because more people vote for them than vote for the candidates who are running against them.

    There. Now that I've explained it, you can go back to discussing why no one makes PI movies anymore.



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