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Date: 19 Mar 2009

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    I can't agree more with your appreciation of the TV adaptation of Camillieri's Montalbano.

    French Maigret is a fantastic series, if we speak about the last one with Bruno Cremer in the title role (sometime a little too slow, even by Simenon's books' standards).

    I'll strongly recommend another series, made for Swedish TV: MANKELL'S WALLANDER_- 13 episodes, each of approx 1h30; it's coherent, noir from time to time, dark grey all along, beautifully photographed and filmed, good actors. A quality series. Only two or three films of this series are weak, which is an outstanding score for a TV series.

    AndŽ I really do not like Mankell's novels.

    Warning: there is a new BBC Wallander series (2 episodes till now) which is not bad but lacks some soul and is more superficial; K.Branagh plays the central character and we can feel that all is devoted to serve the actor (not the story).


    Polar Noir

    > > Meanwhile, the Montalbano series based on Andrea Camilleri is very fine.. A channel called MHz has been broadcasting the series around here. Unusual crimes, excellent Sicilian atmosphere, pretty dark without much action. This TV series honors the books, which are also excellent.


    > MHz ("megaHertz" ) WorldView is actually a small public-broadcasting network, with its offerings, including weekly European crime drama (repeated several times) including the COMMISSIONER MONTALBANO, German TATORT/SCENE OF THE CRIME, French MAIGRET and other telefilm series, with affiliate stations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, Salt Lake City, and other markets along with the DC/Northern Virginia area. "Check your local listings"


    > http://www.mhznetwo view/affiliates/

    Good to know. I watch so little television that I don't know exactly which channels I have... I found this one purely by chance, saw it was Montalbano (I have read Camilleri) and decided to watch it. It's very well done. I'll have to check out the German series.









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