Re: RARA-AVIS: Disappearance of the Private-eye and detetive film

Date: 19 Mar 2009

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    I think most answers were concerned with 'who'  or ' who/when' was responsible fro this plethora of actor in public office (and as expectd many pointed out Reagan....but my question was more in the institutional "how' than in the 'cultural' how...I do understand that the two intersect of course at some points but how the political elite/class (I know that the word 'elite' is abbored in the States) sets the institutions for the continuation of its what are the institutional elements making this in fact the real question I'm concerned with because they represent the structure of operation...

    In a certain way this is off topic so if it is too much (oof topic) then let's drop it...


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    before Reagan entered politics, actor George Murphy was a Republican senator

    in California from 65 - 71


    Yes, and inspired his old tap dancing co-star from Little Miss Broadway, Shirley Temple, to run for office as a Republican. She was not successful in election but she did become an ambassador under Nixon & Regan.

    Patrick King

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