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Date: 03 Mar 2009

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    Wasn't Robbie Wife essentially an homage to Cain's work? Hill lifted plot points from Postman and another Cain novel which will remain nameless since the point Hill lifts from it only comes out in the last few pages.

    On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 12:36 PM, Ron Clinton <> wrote:
    >> because right now DOUBLE INDEMNITY stands alone--I can't
    >> think of another to put next to it. The novel is so lean and
    >> tight, and while I had seen the film several times NOTHING
    >> could have prepared me for that ending. Stunning,
    >> terrifying--nothing like it anywhere I've ever seen, and in
    >> the hands of almost any other writer that ending would have
    >> been corny rather than utterly blood-chilling.
    >> >
    >> I agree completely about your sentiments for Double
    >> Indemnity, the ending is absolutely chilling. Postman,
    >> Serenade, also great books.
    > DOUBLE INDEMNITY is a close cousin to POSTMAN in terms of excellence, and
    > it's one that I always recommend when asked for an essential reading list of
    > noir. I still contend, though, that POSTMAN is the better, more compelling,
    > novel of the two in nearly every way...but only just a bit. Franklin
    > Mystery put out a nice red-leatherbound (or faux leather), gold gilt edged
    > volume with both novels in it...a nice (and very affordable) way to read
    > both books back-to-back.
    >> For modern noir, going back no more than 10 years, I'd say
    >> Robbie's Wife by Russell Hill.
    > Couldn't agree more with Dave on this one...I share his special affinity for
    > this recent novel. I've yet to read a noir novel of this new century that
    > surpasses ROBBIE'S WIFE.
    > Ron C.

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