RARA-AVIS: Michigan P. I.'s

From: Terry Sanford (mbtbone@yahoo.com)
Date: 08 Jan 2009

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    I just finsihed Loren Estleman's Nicotine Kiss, an Amos Walker novel and I was blown away. I had a vision of a creative writing class where each student was handed a copy of this book and told, "Here is the man who'll teach you how to turn a phrase." I once accused Mr. Estleman of writing the best wisecrack in the business and now I bow to his ability to use phrasing so cleverly and effectively.

    While on the subject, I recently discovered Robert E. Bailey with his Grand Rapids P. I. Art Hardin. The two (of three) that I have read were akin to kickstarting a motorcycle only to discover that you're (A.) locked in 4th gear and (B.) that the throttle is stuck wide open. Great rides!

    Terry Sanford


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