Re: RARA-AVIS: Donald Westlake, An Appreciation

Date: 02 Jan 2009

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    Maybe this is an opportunity to compile as complete a list as possible of Westlake's pseudonyms. These are ones I know of:

    Donald E Westlake, of course Richard Stark (Parker series) Tucker Coe (Mitch Tobin series) Curt Clark (Anarchaos and some SF stories) Sam Holt (Sam Holt) Thomas J Culver (Ex Officio, Power Play in paperback) J. Morgan Cunningham (Comfort Station) Carmichael, but I forget the first name/initial

    And those on what he called "euphemism novels" (because at that time you couldn't come right out and say certain things in books):

    Edwin West Alan Marshall And I'm sure I'm missing a few others he used there

    Although there's debate over whether or not he was responsible for all of the books under those names or some were house names he merely contributed to.

    So what others am I missing?


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