RARA-AVIS: two favorite import discoveries

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Date: 12 Dec 2008

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    If y'all haven't tried these authors yet, definitely track them down:
      Declan Burke Most of you probably already know about him... excellent crime fiction out of Ireland... THE BIG O was recently published in the U.S., but his first novel, EIGHTBALL BOOGIE, is only available from the U.K.
      Russel McLean Represented by agent/crime writer Al Guthrie, his debut novel, THE GOOD SON (published by Five Leaves in the U.K.) was a very nice surprise, and Russel is surely one of the best crime writers to emerge from Scotland since probably Guthrie himself, though Russel calls Dundee home.  
      Anyone who loves gritty, edgy, original crime writing, don't miss these!
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