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From: Brian Thornton (
Date: 10 Nov 2008

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    On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 5:47 AM, Kevin Burton Smith

    > somedog wrote:
    > > I agree, with my own Aging Eyes, that Small Type Face is a constant
    > > Frustration. (Esp, as so many of the Classic PBOs are in Tiny
    > > Font....I don't have a PICA tool handy, but I'm guessin' many are
    > > 8pt or less.)
    > Of course, back then, people weren't quite as vain. They wore glasses
    > if they needed them.
    > Consider the curiosity of an entire industry (the large print
    > industry, plus all those magnifying sheets and non-prescription
    > reading glasses you see in bookstores and drugstores and WalMart),
    > which exists largely so people won't have to wear glasses or go see an
    > eye doctor.

    I don't think it's merely a question of vanity these days, Kevin. Lots of people simply can't afford the outlay for regular glasses. It's a health insurance thing. My first pair (bought about ten years ago, when I was teaching in Las Vegas where the union had an excellent vision plan) cost me
    $40- 20 for the exam and 20 for the glasses.

    The union contract where I teach now has lousy benefits in it, and vision is not covered. So I paid $300 plus for the Costco special deal.

    And I know people I work with who can't afford glasses. They use reading glasses.

    Kinda sad.



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