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Date: 02 Sep 2008

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    Keep in mind that it's been at least 15, probably 20, years since I've read a Spenser book, but I remember Hawk as an ends justify the means kind of guy, which implies at least amorality to me. He is not at all averse to killing and it is not always for noble purposes. True, it's usually bad guys he kills while partnering with Spenser, but there are at least hints that he is less noble in meting out violence in his life away from Spenser. I do think he has a code of personal conduct, but that's not necessarily the same as morality. It does, however, imply he's not psychotic, at least in the popular understanding of the word. His violence is not random, is not for personal pleasure or gratification; there is always purpose.

    Now it's time for me to watch another very violent man, Vic Mackey, on the last season premiere of The Shield.


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