Re: RARA-AVIS: The Dark Knight

Date: 18 Aug 2008

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    Some time ago, Nathan wrote:

    "The Joker loses the physical battle, but he wins the metaphysical one. I think Christopher Nolan is definitely coming from the noir tradition with this film, and I'm still kind of scratching my head as to how exactly the ending got past test audiences, who can never seem to stomach ambiguity or any degree of negativity in movie endings. Any thoughts from fellow list members?"

    I finally saw the movie a few days ago (in IMAX), so I'm finally reading these emails I set aside.

    Nathan, I think part of it is that the ending of the movie is clearly not the ending of the story. It is clearly setting up the third in the current Batman series of films. So while Batman may be considered an outlaw, be setting himself up as a scapegoat so society has a hero in Harvey Dent, I'm betting most believe Batman will be vinidicated in the next movie. So they are willing to accept this setback. I'd be fascinated to see where Nolan would take it if there were no boundaries, but there is no way DC/Warner would allow him to kill off the franchise by not saving Batman.


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