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Date: 18 Aug 2008

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    Okay, my bad on the number of wives.  Our library didn't have the first few Burke books so I started the series when Bootsie was his wife and knowing that Annie had been killed.  What bothers me is that for as smart as Dave is, he still brings his cases home.  He pushes suspects until they attack him personally at home, not as a cop on duty.  I remember Bootsie having a shootout with one bad guy in their home, I remembered (wrongly) that she was killed during that altercation.  For me, a character who doesn't learn from his mistakes, but keeps repeating the same one over and over doesn't grow as a character.  He just keeps pushing the same buttons with the same results and as a reader I keep reading the same book over and over.  Though I will admit that Burke is an excellent writer and I enjoy reading his books, but I expect Dave is going to wind up in the same boat as Spencer - spinning his wheels in the same old story, book after book.  I
     suspect this is one of the drawbacks of writing a successful series.

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    Dave's first wife left him...prior to the first novel.  Annie his second wife was "knocked off".  Bootsie his third wife, as I understand it, succumbed to the disease she had carried throughout the series (lupus?).    This happened off the page.

    Now he's on wife #4.  But he's only lost the one violently, and only one of the deaths was actually covered in the books.



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