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From: Ed Lynskey (
Date: 11 Aug 2008

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    --- On Mon, 8/11/08, BookBitch <> wrote:
    > On the other hand, I think it really unfair to listen to an
    > abridged version of any book and then complain about the
    > plot, the characters, or anything else that doesn't feel
    > quite right.  Most abridged audiobooks have big enough
    > holes that you can drive a truck through them.  It really
    > is doing the author - who has no control over the process,
    > may I add, (unless the author's name is JK Rowling) a
    > disservice.
    Interesting, Stacy. I wonder who makes the decisions where to abridge the storyline. The audiobook companies must use their own editors, but it'd be a tough call to know what stays, and what goes. Kind of like the Readers' Digest Condensed Books (are those titles still around?).



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