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Date: 25 Jul 2008

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    Very very true, boxing, wresling...have had a strong mark on noir but maybe not many Œnoir¹ authors came from Latin (including Spain of course) lands at the heyday of bullfighting..One could also think about soccer and cycling and the same sense that a strong link here has been with baseball and cars and racing (early days of nascar)...and horse racing too...

    ...which brings me to the not often mentioned link between noir and social classes/social organisations/races/political-social is not the essential factor but it plays a proeminent role and the recent discussion here has been exclusively concentrated on other grounds (esthetics/moral..etc..)...but it may not be an area that both critics and writers themselves frequent openly in the overall literary and critical discourse context here...???...and may not be relevant to many here (@rara)...

    Just ideas for future reflexion..

    (Anyway: last seen Curro (ovación y bronca) in Barcelona in 73 with Paquirri...another era...never seen Castella except on You Tube...what happened to Salvador Cortes?)

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    >> > I asked a few years ago, I think, about noir novels and
    > corrida...and got
    >> > few answers...or maybe it was on Rompol??.. (French rara)...there
    > were some
    >> > mentions of except the inevitable Hemingway and new info to me about
    >> > Connelly's Black Ice...which I havent' pick up yet...
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    >> > Good luck for the feria in Bé a native of Mont-de-Marsan
    > I started
    >> > going to the feria there very young and the one in
    > Bayonne...etc..etc..and a
    >> > few years ago parts of the family were at Pamplona, of course...
    > I'm a fan of tauromaquia. Unfortunately, in Spain it's 15% for it and
    > 85% against it... political correctness and a certain decadence of the
    > art and especially of the quality of bulls make it a doomed art. In
    > 100 years, it won't exist. After the retirement of Curro Romero, our
    > greatest torero of recent times, I started to follow the career of
    > Sebastian Castella, a great young French matador. He is the real
    > article. As to noir literature, it could be written not so much about
    > the art of bullfighting but about the kinds of people around it: the
    > breeders, the agents, those people. Kind of like boxing. It could be
    > written, but to my knowledge, it hasn't.
    > Best,
    > smt

    Steve Novak

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