Re: RARA-AVIS: Super Heroes, Comics, and Noir

Date: 24 Jul 2008

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    I agree with the majority of what you said, particularly about Batman having been noir at times. Can't speak to the latest movie, haven't seen it yet, but he's certainly been depicted as noir by many of his writers/artists in the comics over the years. I mean, driven by seeing his parents killed, compelled to fight crime, but his obsession never brings him real satisfaction, so he must repeat his rituals agains and again How is that not noir? And if, like Jim, you juge noir by the atmosphere of its presentation, well, just look at all of the black ink in the comics and dark shadows in the movies (the '60s TV/movie Batman, which also tainted the comic version for a while, very much an exception).

    However, I must quibble with one of your statements:

    "Comics are a story telling medium. That's it. You can do anything with comics that you can do with movies or books."

    These three media are far from equivalent. Although there is a big overlap in their storytelling abilities, each has its unique strengths and weaknesses compared to the others.


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