Re: RARA-AVIS: Recent Reads (Benioff, Cook, Coleman, Spiegelman)

Date: 23 Jul 2008

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    Chris wrote:

    "That said, EMPTY EVER AFTER may not work as a gateway book to those new to the series, but it is a terrific addition. For those new to Coleman, read the previous installments as quickly as you can and then come back to this one."

    I just finished the first in the series, Walking the Perfect Square, and I'd like to thank those who recently sang Coleman's praises. This book was great, and extremely well written. I will definitely be moving on in the series.

    Coleman mentions his earlier, Dylan Klein books in the afterward. How are they? He gives the impression that they are more orthodox fare. Still good, though?

    "On Deck:
    "Dominic Stansberry's THE ANCIENT RAIN"

    There's a new Stansberry? Is it a series book or a standalone?


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