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Date: 19 Jul 2008

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    52 Pick-Up wrote:
    > Mario:
    > "There is an old movie of Mr. Majestyk, too, very seventies movie but
    > the story is good and the movie watchable. They should remake it. Also,
    > I think Split Images could be turned into a tight hardboiled film (pure
    > hardboiled, no comedy)."
    > More of his later, somewhat tongue in cheek crime books seem to have
    > been made into movies lately than his earlier, straighter ones (not to
    > say he didn't throw in an occasional comedy, like the Ransom of Red
    > Chief take off with the earlier appearance of the guys from Rum
    > Punch/Jackie Brown, blanking on the name).
    > But overall, Leonard's had incredible success at getting his books made.
    > Leaving aside the westerns, before Jackie Brown raised his visibility:
    > Big Bounce (twice), Moonshine War, Mr Majestyk, Cat Chaser, Glitz.
    > Oh, which reminds me, Has anyone seen Kill Shot? I keep seeing trailers
    > for it, but it never seems to actually come out. Has it come out yet?
    > Should I take the delays as a warning?
    > Mark

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