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Date: 13 Jul 2008

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    I went through same type of wonderment in Œold bookstores¹ downriver (from Detroit)n (I assume you know the Œlarger¹ meaning of Œdownriver¹)...for many years...amazing what you find...down to first editions of Jim Thompson...etc...

    Montois de Détroit

    On 7/13/08 3:43 PM, "Jeff Vorzimmer" <> wrote:

    > I just got back from a vacation in Michigan's upper penninsula, trying to
    > interest my daughter in fishing and shooting. We're about 150 miles from
    > nowhere and we stop in a small town that's big enough to have a post office
    > where we buy stamps for postcards. I notice a couple of junk shops that
    > claimed to be antique stores. Well, since we're only half way though the
    > vacation and I've already finished the three books I brought, I figure maybe
    > they have some old paperbacks. No luck in the first store, but then, in the
    > second store I notice a dresser with a drawer half open. As I'm passing I
    > notice there are paperbacks in the drawer--spines facing up. I pull it all
    > the way open and see that's it completely full of paperbacks from the 50s
    > and early 60s. There are Gold Medals, Lions, Dells, Aces etc. I open the
    > second drawer, same thing. By the third drawer I'm realizing I'll have my
    > pick of lots of good stuff. The guy who owns the place notices my enthusiasm
    > and says, "Great stuff, eh? Two bucks each, three for five." Of course, a
    > lot of it I've read and I don't want to haul them back with me on the plane,
    > no matter how good the price is, but I do notice two authors I haven't
    > read--in addition to all the well-known authors represented in the
    > drawers--James McKimmey and Matthew Blood.
    > The Blood is a Gold Medal PBO called The Avenger and it's great and I'm
    > wondering why I've never heard of this guy. When I get home I find out that
    > Matthew Blood was a pseudonym of Brett Halliday. Written in 1952. He only
    > wrote one other title for GM, called Death is a Lovely Dame, also under the
    > Matthew Blood name.
    > I've always wanted to read James McKimmey, so I grabbed Squeeze Play (Dell),
    > Blue Mascara Tears (Ballantine) and The Long Ride (Dell). I read The Long
    > Ride after The Avenger and I couldn't put it down. Very original story and
    > very fast paced; written in 1961. I'll definitely be reading the others
    > soon.
    > In addition to those mentioned I bought a Mickey Spillane novel I missed
    > previously called Killer Mine and another book called Hate Alley by Martin
    > Weiss, an Ace paperback with a great cover.
    > Jeff

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