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From: Seth Harwood (sethharw@sethharwood.com)
Date: 11 Jul 2008

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    First, Vicki's story is awesome. Part II comes out on Sunday and I think it's going to really knock people out!

    But she's wrong to say we've had 1,000 hits since Sunday. We've had almost 1,200 individual DOWNLOADS of episode 1 since Sunday. That's people getting the file on their computers and listening. I've podcast three JACK PALMS Crime novels already and have really built an audience for crime in podcast form. They're out there, they want crime, and with CrimeWAV I plan to keep giving it to them.

    Thanks to Aldo for putting this post up here. I hope many of you will try giving CrimeWAV a listen. If you're confused about how to listen to podcasts, read this page: http://sethharwood.com/what_is_podcasting

    If you want to get CrimeWAV through iTunes, check out this explanation: http://sethharwood.com/itunes_instructions

    And hit this link to get to the CrimeWAV item in the iTunes store.
    (All the podcasts are free, by the way.)

    Hope to see you there soon!


    Seth Harwood author of the Jack Palms Crime series including JACK WAKES UP: No. 1 Mystery/Crime Bestseller on Amazon.com! Join the nation at sethharwood.com, become a Palms Daddy/Momma!

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    > Seth made the experience of recording the story easy and fun. I had
    no idea
    > that so many people were interested in listening online. As of
    > there were already over 1,000 hits on CrimeWav since Sunday.
    > Vicki

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