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Date: 24 Jun 2008

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that is what happened to To Have And Have Not. but I have read that Hemingway himself wasn't too impressed with his book, and I personally find the movie version preferable to Casablanca, which the Bogie/Bacall debut consciously apes. and I love Casablanca, so that's not a dis. it's more a matter of movie star chemistry elevating material


Let me try to understand you here, John. You really think TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT, the movie, is better or preferable to CASABLANCA? Really? On her best day (and on her best days she's very good) Bacall is not in Bergman's league. And some of Bergman's best work ever is seen in CASABLANCA. I'd say CASABLANCA is a nearly flawless movie while TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT is a deeply flawed movie. Yes, the energy between Bogart and Bacall is fun but it doesn't over come that awful script. Personally, I like them much better in the slightly flawed THE BIG SLEEP. That's an excellent script with great lines between them both. But CASABLANCA is in a league of the very best American films of all time. I'm talking GONE WITH THE WIND, THE GODFATHER, CITIZEN CAIN, HIGH NOON. That's what I think, anyway.

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