Re: RARA-AVIS: Reading Series in Order?

Date: 23 Jun 2008

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> The danger will be that they take the title, which is a stunner, and a
> couple of the characters' names and tell whatever story they want to with it.
> That's what happened to TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT, which really was a pretty cohesive
> story in book form. But there again, Hemingway went a little crazy with the
> stylish flourishes and the less perceptive readers didn't get it. Time will
> undoubtedly tell.

that is what happened to To Have And Have Not. but I have read that Hemingway himself wasn't too impressed with his book, and I personally find the movie version preferable to Casablanca, which the Bogie/Bacall debut consciously apes. and I love Casablanca, so that's not a dis. it's more a matter of movie star chemistry elevating material

John Lau

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