Re: RARA-AVIS: Welcome to Sara Gran--Occult noirist?

From: Sara Gran (
Date: 13 Jun 2008

Thanks vicki & everyone else! Wow. I am already learning a lot from reading these messages. I am writing a PI novel with slightly occult themes now, so I have a lot to read here. And nothing to contribute, since you are all so much more well-read than I am!

Come closer: it's funny, I certainly didn't think of it as "noir" when I wrote it. I'd been reading noir forever and learned a lot from it about building tension, writing econonomically, etc. but I really thought of noir as a subset of crime/mystery at the time. I wasn't familiar with the broader sense of the word. So I thought cc was just this creepy thing I was writing that would never fit in anywhere, and first it didn't. I was glad when people started to call it noir, though, because as most of you know it's much easier to sell a book if you can put it in a category. So that was a relief. And it was really other writers, especially the kind and wonderful community of noir writers, who kept the book alive and sort of defined it and gave it a life. I'm very grateful for that.

So that's it. I combined your questions, vicki, but I figured it would be more interesting that way!


On Tue, 10 Jun 2008 5:29 am, wrote:
> Hi, Sara, welcome!
> As a newcomer to the list, I wonder if you could tell us a little about
> how
> you got started into noir. Also, your novel Come Closer stands out from
> all
> others because of its originality and the haunting psychological
> aspect, so
> I'm wondering what gave you the idea for that or how it relates to your
> interests.
> Vicki
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