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Date: 10 Jun 2008

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Paranormal investigators are pretty much a staple of comic books. Dr Thirteen was a great debunker of the paranormal and Mister E. was a blind paranormal investigator. Dr Occult (I think he was called)even wore a hat and trenchcoat. Come to think of it, John Constantine also wears a trenchcoat.

************************************************************************ Remember Leslie H. Whitten? THE PROGENY OF THE ADDER, MOON OF THE WOLF, THE ALCHEMIST? Those were great occult stories that took place in the modern world. I think ADDER was the prototype for the TV show, NIGHTSTALKER, and MOON OF THE WOLF was made into a movie with Richard Jansen. I don't know what happened to Whitten. He was writing horror before Stephen King made it respectable (and profitable!)

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