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If you think the movie is underrated, read the book! If you have any interest in the occult sciences Hjortsberg must have researched for years to have all this obscure and accurate information he pours into that book. I'd say it is the best occult novel I've ever read including MOONCHILD and DIARY OF A DRUG FIEND. Crowley presents interesting characters and information, but his stories are flimsy. FALLING ANGEL is tight as a drum with a creepy and satisfying ending. I followed Hjortsberg's work after that, but his other books are contrived by comparison.

Patrick King

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I think that Angel Heart is a rather under-rated movie. It's well directed by Alan Parker, and has one of the better creepy atmospheres on film since the heyday of Val Lewton.


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> The book also got me started thinking about other series that overlap
> the hardboiled and occult worlds, especially loner investigators who
> bridge the two worlds. I'm thinking of series like George Chesbro's
> Mongo series, or shows like Forever Knight, Reaper, the earlier (and far
> darker, more serious, wish it would come out on DVD) Brimstone, some
> Angel, though much of it takes place only in the occult world. That
> last reservation would also rule out Charlie Huston's Joe Pike series.
> As much as I enjoy it, it's almost entirely set in the politics of the
> world of vampires, even if that world is used to satirize the real
> world.
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> My favorite occult hard boiled is FALLING ANGEL by William Hjortsberg. It
> follows an investigation by New York PI Harry Angel in search of a missing
> jazz crooner who disappeared during WWII. It gets weird very fast. There's
> an amazing scene in one of those abandoned NYC subway platforms.
> A movie based on it called ANGEL HEART, starring Mickey Rourke as Harry
> with a great supporting cast including DeNiro is worth seeing, too. Director
> Allen Parker moved the majority of the scenes to New Orleans for some
> reason. The book begins and ends in New York. The movie is predominantly
> about VooDoo, the book about ceremonial magick.
> Patrick King

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