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Date: 10 Jun 2008

Right, I should have been more clear: Brennan did place a few stories with the pulps during the tail end of their reign, but the overwhelming bulk of his material was placed elsewhere. He is not--as I would define it, at least--a pulp author.

For those interested in catching up on his work, Darkside Press is planning a comprehensive, four-volume collection of all his supernatural tales (i.e. Lucius Leffing will not appear):

I've likely already strayed too far from noir and hardboiled, so I'll leave it there.

Ron C.

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> > No, Brennan came after the age of the pulps. He was more of an Arkham
> > author.
> Seek out his NINE HORRORS AND A DREAM and you'll have a good sense of
> what he was about. He did contributed to WEIRD TALES, at the end of its
> pulp phase, with such stories as "Slime" (his BLOB story).
> Brennan also published a little magazine, MACABRE, that was one of the
> rallying points for horrorists in the '60s (along with Robert Lowndes's
> MAGAZINE OF HORROR and its stablemates, and such less-focused others as
> continued into the '70s, by which time it was joined by WHISPERS and
> WEIRDBOOK and a host of others.
> Todd Mason, who would suggest that Brennan's style was pretty much
> fully formed by the mid-'50s at latest.
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