Re: RARA-AVIS: occult PIs: Joseph Payne Brennan

From: foxbrick (
Date: 10 Jun 2008

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> No, Brennan came after the age of the pulps. He was more of an Arkham
> author.

Seek out his NINE HORRORS AND A DREAM and you'll have a good sense of what he was about. He did contributed to WEIRD TALES, at the end of its pulp phase, with such stories as "Slime" (his BLOB story).

Brennan also published a little magazine, MACABRE, that was one of the rallying points for horrorists in the '60s (along with Robert Lowndes's MAGAZINE OF HORROR and its stablemates, and such less-focused others as FANTASTIC and THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION). It continued into the '70s, by which time it was joined by WHISPERS and WEIRDBOOK and a host of others.

Todd Mason, who would suggest that Brennan's style was pretty much fully formed by the mid-'50s at latest.

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