Re: RARA-AVIS: There Will Be Blood

Date: 29 May 2008

Kevin wrote:

"I found Croneberg's HISTORY OF VIOLENCE vaguely disappointing (although I seem to recall I liked the graphic novel)"

You might not want to reread the graphic novel if you have fond memories of it. I did just that before seeing the movie (which I also found vaguely disappointing, thought it had some great elements, especially its detailing of the breakdown of the marriage), and it did not hold up. In fact, Cronenberg was right to jettison the last third to half of the graphic novel with SPOILER ALERT the guy who had been kept alive for almost 20 years to be tortured and have body parts cut off, now just a trunk and head, begging the hero to put him out of his misery. Come on. Although the sibling stuff Cronenberg replaced it with didn't quite come off, either.


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