Re: RARA-AVIS: He's Not Really a Mad Dog; He Just Plays One in People Magazine

From: Patrick King (
Date: 15 May 2008

--- Kevin Burton Smith
<> wrote:

> I KNOW a lot of his persona IS an act, schtick he
> trots out because it
> sells books. I mean, he calls himself Mad Dog,
> greets crowds by
> calling them perverts and pansies, and regales his
> fans and the press
> regularly with stories of his murdered mother and
> tales of his life as
> a second story man, breaking into apartments to
> sniff young girls'
> panties. He's playing a character in public. In
> real, one-on-one life,
> I have no doubt he's a much nicer, less cartoonish
> person. He couldn't
> do the work he has done if he wasn't.
> He may even be a sweetheart.
***************************************************** Not everyone who writes hardboiled is working entirely from imagination, though. Consider Kevin M. Weeks just for one example:

Patrick King


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