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From: Nathan Cain (
Date: 08 May 2008

Speaking of Ellroy's sense of humor, I'd just like to add that his stories about Dick Contino are pretty funny. The concept alone is comedy gold. A lot of his stuff, especially his recent work, is not meant to be funny, though. It wouldn't kill him to lighten up a little.

On Thu, May 8, 2008 at 2:54 PM, Michael S. Chong <> wrote:
> Must delurk...
> I am sorry Patrick but do you even read the posts which you critique?
> Regarding Ellroy, Kevin wrote that "'s a shame, because the guy is
> still an original, with a brave and unique voice. That's what drew us all to
> him in the first place."
> And anyway, tastes are tastes. Ellroy was one of the authors that pulled me
> into crime fiction, but the Cold Six Thousand...
> In another posting you wrote "Ellroy does not bring a great sense of humor
> to his work." You should read his story "Gravy Train" about an ex-con hired
> as caretaker for a bull terrier that has inherited his dead gangster owner's
> fortune. It's funny as hell.
> Michael
> Patrick King <> wrote:
> --- kevinburtonsmith <> wrote:
>> But I will be interested in seeing the response from
>> other list members to Patrick's latest
>> set of guidelines as to who can and cannot offer an
>> opinion on this list. Evidently only
>> "accomplished," non-middle-class people who don't
>> avoid crime and violence need
>> bother having an opinion.
>> I notice he didn't mention reading the book as a
>> requirement.
> *******************************************************
> As you know perfectly well, Kevin, vitriolic attacks
> on eminent authors with no bearing on any of their
> actual writing does not constitute an "opinion." It is
> in fact the contents of the books I'd be more
> interested to hear you critique. By all means, tell us
> all the short comings of AMERICAN TABLOID, WHITE JAZZ,
> fascinated to hear how you'd improve them.
> Patrick King
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