Re: RARA-AVIS: Graphic Novels/Snobbery

From: christafaust (
Date: 02 May 2008

--- In, "Rachels, David" <RachelsDA@...> wrote:
> My problem, in part, is that in some way I don't feel competent when I
> read a graphic novel. That is to say, I feel competent to read and
> interpret the words on the page, but somehow my brain does not know what
> to do with all the images.

Man, I feel _exactly_ the same way. I also read extremely fast but find myself slogging through comics like an eight year old reading Shakespeare. I have no prejudice towards comics whatsoever and I have tons of friends who read, write and love them but I've always felt about them the way that some people must feel about complex, experimental lit-fic. Lots of people whose taste you trust tell you how great it is, but on some fundamental level you always walk away from it feeling like you didn't really get it. Maybe reading comics is a separate skill that needs to be learned (preferably at a young age) just like "regular" reading.

That being said, I did (very slowly) enjoy Christopher Mills' GRAVEDIGGER.

- Christa

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