RE: RARA-AVIS: Graphic Novels/Snobbery

From: Rachels, David (
Date: 01 May 2008

My problem, in part, is that in some way I don't feel competent when I read a graphic novel. That is to say, I feel competent to read and interpret the words on the page, but somehow my brain does not know what to do with all the images. Sometimes I'll be sitting there and staring at a panel and thinking at some level, "Have I looked at this picture long enough? Have I seen what I was supposed to see? Have I appreciated what I was supposed to appreciate?" Maybe I feel this way because I didn't read comic books as a kid, didn't read my first graphic novel until I was in my 30s. Whatever the reason, it's a frustrating feeling to me.




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I may not be completely free of irrational prejudice or snobbery, but I too am a word person. I do like movies, but I'm much more interested in
"conventional" fiction. I'm 51 and I did have an intense interest in DC superhero comic books at one time, which however ended when I was about 11. Obviously there are lots of smart and literate people who like graphic novels, but it's a medium I'm simply not interested in exploring. Life is short, and there is so much interesting reading out there.


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