Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Richard Stark's Parker books being reprinted

Date: 15 Apr 2008

Mark asked:

"BTW, Since you are so anal to only read a series in order, how could you have not read the Grofield books when they so interlock with the early Parker books?"

Fair question. I was not always quite so anal about it. In fact, first reading the Parker series out of order had a lot to do with my developing my anal habit in this area. The first Parker book I read had a big #1 on it. However, Slayground was hardly the first in the series, just the first to be reprinted in Berkley Medallion's The Violent World of Parker. Point Blank was #2 and it went on from there in a haphazard order for a few books. I was hooked on the series and looked for more and read them as I found them. I finally completed the series, which took quite some time in those preinternet days, and I reread them all in order. I was really struck by how the series was built, how the books flowed from one another, especially the first four. That dividend made me try to read all series in order (not that all series depend or benefit from this).

However, as hard to find as the Parkers were, the Grofields were even harder. In fact, the only one I had at that time was the first, The Damsel. I picked up the other three when Foul Play Press later reprinted all four, but I still haven't gotten around to reading them.


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