RARA-AVIS: Re:A longwinded question for Michael Connelly

From: blumenidiot ( blumenidiot@yahoo.com)
Date: 25 Mar 2008

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> Mark,
> Re your comments to Mr. Connelly (to whom a very
> hearty welcome, BTW):
> "Unless you don't want to reveal your plans, would you
> tell us if Bosch going to have a case that
> necessitates his going to Florida or might you write
> of a new protagonist who lives in that state?"
> Harry's already gone to Florida on a case. In the
> fourth book in the series, THE LAST COYOTE, he's
> suspended and undergoing therapy. As part of his
> therapy, he decides to investigate the ultimate cold
> case, the murder of his mother.
> In the course of investigating that case, he goes to
> Florida to follow up a lead.
> The bulk of the story still takes place in California,
> however. You may have in mind a book in which most of
> the action is set in Florida.

Jim, Bosch has been in Las Vegas a lot, and doesn't he spend some in Mexico in THE BLACK ICE? A couple of Connelly stand alones, if you can call any of his novels that, are set mainly in in other places. I was thinking of something like Crais' THE INDIGO SLAM which I think begins in LA only to have Elvis Cole get a case that sends him to Louisiana where the the bulk of the book is set.

I'm not able to check because I sold the bulk of my books in Chicago. My Hammetts,Chandlers and MacDonalds were so old they probably would have fallen apart if I tried to reread them anyway.
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